About us

Vitality Care and Support Services is a home care provider Based in Walsall. We deliver personal support within your own home and within your community. We have over 25 years coupled care experience within the Health Care Sector, and we believe in a "no decision without me" approach for all of our clients.

We will always provide a person centred service and meet the needs of every individual to provide the best possible care experience for you and your loved ones.

Mission Statement

Vitality Care and Support Services offer an umbrella of care services throughout Walsall, which are tailored to meet each individual’s needs. We believe that offering choice and control is an important part of us. We want to enable, empower, offer support and guidance and give people the confidence to make important decisions about their care.

Our personal experience varies. We have worked with individuals with varied conditions such as dementia and also people who need support managing their challenging behaviours. We do continue to learn about delivering health and social care services, so we stay up to date with new policies and procedures. This is to ensure we deliver a consistent and well managed care service.

Every person is capable of living the life they choose regardless of the support they may need we believe in giving people this opportunity to express themselves in a way they feel comfortable, understanding other people's communication methods e.g. use of symbols, BSL or even pictorial cards all help with an effective communicative approach.

It is important for all our Health care staff to have up to date care training, this we believe is very crucial, as it helps with staff development and retention and also gives them the confidence to do their job to the best of their ability.

We want to be seen as a health care provider for the future, with up to date and effective technologies to keep staff, clients and their families informed. This will help us to safeguard people who are vulnerable and give family and carers peace of mind, in real time.

Who We Help

We are dedicated to providing caring, competent staff to help you and our services are always designed with your individual needs in mind.

The services we offer are developed with the individual in mind, and every decision is made by you with help and support from us.

Advice on direct payments, and funding your own care is a free service. We can help point you in the right direction and give you other provider/organisations contact numbers to help with your enquiry.
Our services help people who have the following conditions:

  • Physical Disability
  • Sensory Loss
  • Elderly
  • Mental Health Conditions
  • Learning Disability
  • Dementia
  • Acquired Brain Injury
  • Alzheimer's
  • Stroke

Free Assessments & Consultations

A free assessment takes place to discuss requirements and expectations of the services required and to gain further details about your health care needs. You can ask us questions and gain further information about us. The assessment is completed in your own home, and may involve family members and other health providers.

After the initial meeting, if you feel you would like us to provide a service, a care plan is then composed. This is information about you: your likes/dislikes, how you wish to be supported, medication needs and routines/activities. Essentially, all the information comes from you. The care plan document is very important and is always growing with a wealth of information about you. Your health care assistant will get to know you and gain a better understanding of your care needs when they start to provide you with support.

We work alongside other health professionals in Walsall to help with all of your care needs; this is monitored in accordance with the Care Quality Commissions regulations, outcomes and procedures and our own policies.